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Job Announcement


Manages all aspects of the residential waste pick up operations for Russell County. Management duties include but not limited to budget development and implementation, administration of commission policies and procedures, manages respective employees, and responsible for daily Sanitation Waste operations: commercial dumpster business, collection of household white goods and reporting and assisting with nuisance items/debris. Develops an. administers policies and programs relating to both daily and longrange management for the Sanitation Services. Inspects and investigates solid waste disposal complaints. Maintains and is knowledgeable of regulatory Code of Alabama Waste Code(s) and compliance and maintains ADEM & State Compliance keeping County in good standing. Facilitates the Solid Waste Planning Board on a Quarterly basis. Works on projects as directed by the County Commission or Administrator

Request for Bid




1000 Broad Street, Phenix City, AL 36867

The purpose of this bid request is to provide Russell County, Alabama, (outside the municipal city limits of the City of Phenix) Alabama, with Ambulance Medical Services by providing a fair and impartial method for parties interested to submit their business plan proposal to be equally evaluated by the County Commission. The intent is of this bid request is to contract with one county contractor for emergency medical ambulance transporting services.


Russell County Commission is in the process of securing sealed bids for Emergency Medical Ambulance Services (outside the municipal city limits of the City of Phenix City) Alabama, in area(s) of Russell County, Alabama, in accordance with Alabama Code Title Bid Laws.


Each Vendor must comply with the requirements for a regular bid as directed and required by this notice to bid. Notice is hereby given to all supplies that if their bids are defective, irregular, or not according to specs they may be rejected. The Russell County Commission reserves all rights to reject any and all bids; to waive technicalities or informalities and to accept any bid deemed in the best interest of Russell County, Alabama. Where two or more vendors are deemed equal, the County Commission reserves the right to make the award to the one of the vendors.


Prices quoted by the vendor shall be firm prices and not subject to increase during the schedule set- forth. If subsidies are requested, Federal and State Taxes are to be excluded.


Bidders questions about bid documents shall be directed to the Russell County Sheriff at 334-298-6535; or, the County Administrator at 334-298-6426 prior to bid opening date / time as noted above. Questions are required to be in writing, by email preferably. Questions and responses regarding bid documents, specs and requirements shall be shared with other bidders to provide equal communications.

Requests for extension of time shall be submitted in writing to the Russell County Sherriff for consideration and review. The request shall at minimum include the length of time of extension and a detailed explanation for the extension. The Sheriff reserves the right to request official action from the

Russell County Commission. Russell County Commission reserves the right for final determination of extension request. Bid documents can be located on the County’s website;; or, contact the county administrator’s office 334-298-6426; email:
Bid documents will be maintained in the Commission office for viewing.


All bids (submittals) shall be in a sealed envelope, addressed to the Russell County Commission. Each sealed envelope containing a bid must be plainly marked on the outside “EMERGENCY MEDICAL AMBULANCE SERVICES BID”, DATE, VENDOR’S NAME AND ADDRESS.

Russell County Commission shall not be responsible for late mail deliveries and no bid will be accepted if received after the time stipulated by the Bid document. No bid may be withdrawn or modified in any way after the deadline for opening bids. Failure to comply with the above instructions shall disqualify your bid submittal and quote.


Phenix City, Alabama 36867

Sealed bids will be accepted in the County Commission office, no later than September 22, 2020. Bids will be opened and read in the Russell County Commission Chambers located in the Russell County Courthouse. Following the bid opening, qualified bid(s) may be presented to the Russell County Commission for consideration and official action within 30 days. All prices submitted shall be good for 30 days or approval by the Russell County Commission.


Because bids awarded to local vendors contribute to the County’s tax base and promote the local

economy, the County has determined that under certain circumstances and according to bid law, local

vendors shall be provided an additional privilege, whenever not otherwise prohibited by State Law (including but not limited to bid law, public works law, and county policies).


Provide 911 callers with ambulance services that are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year within the areas of Russell County, Alabama, (outside the municipal city limits of the City of Phenix City) Alabama, competitively priced and provided by highly trained, qualified, and experienced personnel providing timely and quality medical care. Require the selected contractor to meet or exceed performance standards as required by law and county commission.

The contract shall be for (24 months) -two years, with two; one year extension(s) option allowed by the County’s Ambulance Board recommendation to the Commission and will go into effect if approved; unless the County Commission provides an advance notice of intention of non-renew at a minimum of six months prior to contract termination date; or, automatic renewal date.

The contractor shall be responsible for damages for failure to meet patient care standards.


Payment will be made Net 30 days from date of receipt of invoice. No monies shall be paid upfront by the County Commission. Bidder agrees to render invoice electronically to Russell County Commission accounts payable and/or as instructed by the Russell County Sheriff and/or County Administrator.


ALL BID SUBMITTALS SHALL include a copy of their current business and operating licenses, permits and proof of insurances (workman’s comp, liability, state and local).

Successful bidder will be required 30 days from contract award to indemnify the Russell County Commission and its agents upon awarding of the contract. Formal proof of insurances to include indemnification of the Russell County Commission along with any other required licenses or permits shall be submitted to the Commission prior to final execution of the contract.

Insurance coverage amounts: Contractor shall provide proof of comprehensive Commercial General Liability Insurance in the amount of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000) per person and an aggregate of two million dollars ($2,000,000) per occurrence for personal and bodily injury, including death. Casualty insurance coverage on the equipment, machinery or other personal property owned or used by Contractor while providing services. Workman’s Compensation Insurance in its statutory limits or its equivalent which complies with the Workman’s Compensation Laws of the State of Alabama for all employees. Within 30 days of contract execution, the contractor shall provide Russell County with a performance bond to the Russell County Commission upon declaration of default or material breach of contract. The said performance bond shall be in the sum of ($100,000) secured by a commercial bonding company. Successful bidder shall provide on an annual basis an affidavit from a (CPA) Certified Public Accountant as to its current fiscal situation, ability to continue providing services in accordance with bid specifications utilizing accounting best practices and standards.

The County will provide the successful bidder with an intent to award letter. Contracts will not be executed until all proof of licenses and insurances are received.


A bid bond of $100.00 shall be provided with the vendor’s bid submittal.


Provide Russell County, (outside the municipal city limits of the City of Phenix City), Alabama, the following minimum ambulance services:

  • One Ambulance, Full-time, preferably Seale, Alabama; operation 24x7x365; (centrally located).
  • One (12) hour truck with the understanding the Russell County Sheriff regulates the hour(s) of operation. Location preferably, Fort Mitchell, Alabama 
v See addendum (In kind)
  • Ambulance Services shall provide fully equipped Ambulance(s) according to current State 
guidelines; maintain one EMT – paramedic and driver (minimum)
  • Provide inmate, county employee, and volunteer fire fighter transport without charge while performing activities within the scope of their employment
  • Provide standby services for structure fires, STAR Team, hostage, or disasters
  • Allow Sheriff’s Department access to automated vehicle locator system to be able to track 
ambulance 24/7.
  • Will operate/maintain Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) equipped with Sheriff’s office and 
Volunteer Fire repeaters in order to have the ability to communicate, at all times and locations, with the ambulance dispatch office, local dispatch offices, hospitals, first responders and other public safety agencies. It is understood that there are rural areas within Russell County which may make radio communications limited. Ambulance service contractor will devise and implement a plan to address such, if any, areas where communications are limited and submit to the Russell County Sheriff. Ambulance Contractor shall maintain and operate Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD). 

  • Replace equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals used by first responders and fire fighters, employees of county utilized in emergency services while providing medical assistance at calls for services to include providing–Size D – O2 cylinders with regulators (up to 6 per department) to First Responders (VFD). 

  • Ensure that Ambulance personnel and/or professional cleaners employed with said ambulance contractor tasked to clean and disinfect transport vehicles and equipment are educated, trained, and have practiced the process according to State of Alabama / EPA instructions, equipment instructions, and the EMS agency’s standard operating procedures.
  1. Contractor shall comply with all Alabama State laws governing the training and licensing of ambulance drivers. All ambulances shall be driven/operated by an ambulance driver with the requisite knowledge in accordance with the Alabama law and/or ADPH, and/or Administrative Code Standards. Contractor shall comply with all laws governing the credentialing of ambulance drivers, the National Incident Management System and provide sufficient staffing to maintain ambulance emergency services and respond to emergency calls in service area.
  2. Contractor shall comply with protocols and standards set forth b the ADPH, or its assigns or successor regarding availability and maintenance of equipment and inventory, carried onboard all ambulances. All ambulances shall meet the regulations under State of Alabama Title 32 concerning brakes, tires, lights, horns, and other safety equipment.
  3. Contractor shall ensure that all personnel responding to calls for service shall always have clear and recognizable identification.
  4. Contractor shall provide 24x7x365 coverage for all emergency calls for service within service area for the term of contract.
  5. Response times shall be maintained and provided upon request to Ambulance Board, Sheriff or County Commission.
  6. Contractor shall comply with all standards for Privacy and Individually Identifiable Health Information; HIPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996; rules and regulations or Alabama Data Breach Notification Act of 2018. Any violations shall be reported immediately to the Russell County Sheriff and Ambulance Committee members.
  7. Contractor ambulance service may respond to all emergency calls anywhere in the county, upon private requests. Calls received directly by contracted ambulance service that are of an emergency nature may be considered a 911 call, provided contractor’s personnel immediately

notify the Russell County 911 Center. Note: Contractor shall always maintain/operate an emergency ambulance service vehicle in areas while attending a private ambulance request (outside the municipal city limits of the City of Phenix City).

  1. All ambulances shall be inspected by the Alabama State Health Department on an annual basis.
  2. Successful bidder / contractor shall not assign, transfer, or pledge all or any part of final 


Contractor may include in bid proposal, as an addendum, a bid price for the that Russell County Commission may provide the following in-kind services:

v Russell County Commission will provide contractor with an office / facility located in Seale, Alabama; utilities included for providing emergency county ambulance services,

v Russell County Commission will provide contractor with an office / facility located in Fort Mitchell, Alabama; utilities included for providing county ambulance emergency services.

***Upon written request a fair dollar value may be provided to bidder for the above in-kind appropriation


If there is a subsidy to be requested by Ambulance contractor; please separate the two Ambulance truck’s subsidy’s in the bid submittal / package.


The County Commission Meeting commences on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month beginning at 5PM at the
Russell County Courthouse
1000 Broad Street Phenix City 36867
Russell County, Alabama schedules are on EST/ EDT.
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MARCH 17, 2020 4:30PM EDT

WHEREAS, the Russell County Commission has joined the State and Federal Government in declaring an emergency due to the COVID 19 Coronavirus epidemic; and 

WHEREAS, public health agencies have recommended the practice of social distancing and selfisolation to slow the spread of the pandemic to assist healthcare providers in keeping the number of those experiencing severe symptoms at a manageable level; and 

WHEREAS, operations of local schools have been suspended, creating childcare issues for many employees; and 

WHEREAS, it is anticipated that additional orders and recommendations from the State and Federal level will make it increasingly difficult to maintain routine operations

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE RUSSELL COUNTY COMMISSION, that RUSSELL County facilities may require closing based on the recommendation of the Emergency Management Director, the Russell County Chairman and the Russell County Sheriff by order of the Chairman or Vice Chair in the Chairs absence. The official closing of county offices will be publicized and reported to media upon official action.