Special Enforcement


The Special Enforcement Office/Department was established in 2007.

Department Head: William (Bill) Friend

Number of personnel Authorized in the department: 2

We are located at 1000 Broad Street, Phenix City, Al 36867 (Second Floor)

Contact numbers: Office (334)468-5895 Bill Friend / (334)408-4622 Officer Thorne/Courthouse: (334)298-6426 / work cell: (706)587-2673



Act# 2002-509 Business Licenses

Act # 2010-260 criminal littering

Act# 2008-411  abandoned or unsafe dwellings

North American Industry Classification system (NAICS) listing of business licensing codes

Resolution No. 2013-04 – Russell County Commission passed a resolution allowing the enforcement officers for Russell County to enforce the nuisance act in the town of Hurtsboro

Act 2009-779 /1 August 2009- Enforcement of scrap tires (issue citations for any unclassified or misdemeanor violation of the chapter

HB 749- requires permits in addition to a business license of junkyards, parts recyclers and automotive dismantlers, and used tire sales

Title 40 Code of Alabama 1975- covers business License rules, regulations and procedures. The Enforcement Department covers both the Alabama State and the Russell County Business License which are renewed yearly. Both licenses run from 1 October of one year and expire on 30 September the following year at midnight. Licenses are issued according to what your business is or do and charged according to the business’s gross receipts.

HB Legislated for Public Nuisances/Abatements: Reported issues pertaining to dumping of junk, garbage, tires, debris, household furnishings,’ construction materials, tree debris brought from another property, accumulation of junk vehicles, appliances, or like items . In most cases grass cutting, and overgrowth can be addressed but due to the county not having any zoning laws at this time, this department may not be able to do anything about it.



  1. Ensures that anyone doing business in or with Russell County has a valid, up to date, County Business License and if also required an Alabama State Business License and Health permit. If the business sells alcohol, we also check that their alcohol license has not expired. Any further information needed pertaining to County or State Business Licenses can be found on the website of the Probate Judge of Russell County or call the Probate Judges Office at (334)298-7979 or visit at the Russell County Courthouse located at 1000 Broad Street Phenix City, Al 36867, 1st


  1. Check mobile homes within the county, including those located within the city limits, to ensure that the taxes for the mobile homes are paid yearly and that the tax decal is properly displayed on the mobile home. Ensure that mobile home parks have a County Business License. Any further information needed can be found on their web site or call the Revenue Commissioners Office at (334)298-6922 or visit them at the courthouse located at 1000 Broad Street Phenix City, Al 36869, 1st floor.


  1. Investigates all reported complaints under ACT # 2008-411 pertaining to abandoned or unsafe dwellings.(an abandoned dwelling is not defined by no one living there or not being maintained )


  1. Work with ADEM(Alabama Department of Environmental Management) pertaining to illegal dump sites and clean ups


  1. Coordinates\ works with the Russell county Engineers for right-of-way issues and dumping,


  1. Coordinates with the Russell County Sanitation Department for the dumping of household garage on the right-of-way.(enforcement department works cases on private property ONLY!) Anything on the right-of-way belongs to the sanitation department/solid waste officer or the county engineers, however, we do participate in the investigation when needed.


  1. Address all reported nuisance complaints that the approved House Bill authorized and if nothing is done by the property owner within the time allotted, the county attorney will then address the case, then the case will go to the Russell County Commission with a recommendation from the enforcement officer and the commissioner from that district. The County Commission decides what will be done about the cleanup.