Revenue Commissioner

Russell County Alabama

Revenue Commissioner

Natalie Kirkland

My office’s goal is to provide you with a convenient resource to conduct your business, whether it’s paying your property taxes or researching Russell County’s tax records and deed information. Our online service is :

Natalie Kirkland

Our website allows you the following advantages:

  • The ability to pay your taxes at your convenience, anytime,
    day or night
  • The convenience of paying from your home, work or anywhere that you have Internet access
  • The option to pay your taxes securely, using either
    credit or debit card
  • Fast access to your tax information, such as assessments, property records, deed information, forms, application, and
    tax maps.

My staff and I strive to provide you with value-added, personalized service. If you have any questions or need information that you don’t see on our site, please feel free to contact us by phone, email us, or stop by for a visit anytime.

Natalie Kirkland
Revenue Commissioner
1000 Broad Street . Phenix City . Alabama . 36867

Please visit

For property information in Russell County:

1. Open in Internet Explorer (now available in Chrome)
2. Go to
3. View Client sites and scroll to Alabama Counties
4. Click on Russell County and follow instructions for installation
5. Install Autodesk Map Guide
6. Once installed: Click “run add on” and then
“Go to Map” (
7. Help is available with installation
will connect after installation. Proceed to “Click to get Started” and “Go to Maps.”

Mapping/Appraisal: 334-297-7104
1000 Broad Street ~ Phenix City AL 36868