Russell County GIS

In order to appraise property at fair market value it must first be located and identified. GIS (Geographic Information System) is computerized technology that combines mapping and information, stored as data, to generate maps and reports, to provide a planned and systematic approach to collecting, managing, and providing details to help improve the process of ad valorem tax maintenance. GIS uses geographic display of maps with smart point, lines, and areas, while incorporating a database that is tied to the features of the map.

We also provide a tax mapping website that can be viewed by the public. It can be found at . This site provides information that is linked to a taxpayer’s property in Russell County, which includes ownership, property address, appraised value, latest deed book and page, tax map, etc. 

The staff in the GIS Mapping Department is available to explain the information we have used to map a particular parcel boundary, however listed below are subjects that we cannot help with:


  • We do not provide legal advice on property rights or any other subject. 
  • We do not have the ability to settle disputes between property owners as to whether an encroachment has occurred with regard to fences, sheds or any other use or structure.
  • We do not have building plot plans in our office. We do not keep records on building setback requirements. 
  • We do not have topographic surveys in our office. If you are required to have a topographic survey for a building permit or Certificate of Occupancy, you must hire a surveyor to do this for you and fill out an Elevation Certificate.
  • We do not keep FEMA Flood Plain maps in our office.